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“Change your life & work experiences by tapping into your full resources


One of our biggest frustrations is to feel limited and controlled by things outside of us. In today world, with everything that’s going on, the feeling that the outer world determines our life experiences has been amplified to the max. 

We can change this. Take charge. We can free ourselves and follow our own dreams. In order to do so we have to tap into resources which are more highly evolved than the one we use today. That makes sense right? We have to change how we approach life, from being a reactor to the things around us and become the creator we originally intended to be.

This requires training. To go inside of ourself, feel our creator power and become aware of our infinite nature. To open up to a larger part of ourself that have been with us all along. A part of ourself that is absolute and free. 


Join us in this seven week online adventure. It’s our sole focus for you to reconnect with your infinite nature & dreams. For you to reclaim your life.


From an early age, Wigard was aware that there was an infinite reality co-existing at the same time and felt a personal mission to discover and integrate his infinite nature in his daily life experience.

In his teenage years he co-founded his first company where he was responsible for international marketing and sales. From the very beginning, he utilized his larger awareness to create with clarity, ease, joy and freedom.

For more than 30 years he has worked as an entrepreneur, interim-manager and coach offering self-empowerment programs.


Each of the 7 Steps in Wigard’s Pure Empowerment Program inspired and activated new energies and awareness in me of what is truly calling me from a soul level.

His engaging talks seem to hold the exact reminders or new aha’s I am needing at that moment. The guided meditations accompanied with gorgeous music by Frits Evelein/Music of Source, seamlessly deliver the energies and new alignment connecting me to my True Nature, Infinite Potential and Remembrance of Purpose. 

I find myself listening to the guided meditations from these classes over and over and have them on my desktop for easy access.  If you are looking for a refinement  and  jump start for yourself to create the life or projects you have been dreaming of , I highly recommend this powerful and very timely program!

Lisa Young

Soul Activator, Universal SoulSpa

Wigard is a skilled teacher.  His enthusiasm for the information he is sharing is contagious. 

I feel empowered to discern clearly, choose consciously and create my life from my true essence and freedom. 

Thank you for sharing these practical tools, insights and experiences to help me shape the life I truly desire.


Wendy von Oech

Spiritual guide & Energy healer , Wendy von Oech

Access your infinite nature.
Reclaim your life.
Enjoy the lightness of your heart.
And always…
Always, keep your dreams alive…

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